WordCamp Miami: Kids Workshop

For the first time, WordCamp Miami is holding a WordPress beginner’s workshop for kids. It will be held 10:00am until 12:00pm on May 11th,2014 (Sunday). As far as location, it will be near the other WordCamp Miami sessions at the same venue. We’ll have signs and volunteers to point you in the right direction.

The class will be led by Tammie Lister and Sarah Gooding. They will walk kids and their parents through the process of setting up a new account and how to get started blogging and publishing content to the Internet.

This class is geared towards 8-12 year olds, however, any age is welcome to attend (space permitting). Parents must be present for children under 13 and all attendees must bring a laptop. Children under the age of 18 can attend without charge with a paid adult (parent) ticket.

This is designed to be an interactive class, so participation and questions are welcomed and required. After the workshop, they can stay for lunch, and if they are up for it they are welcomed to go to the other sessions in the afternoon if you are supervising them.

Note: Because it’s Mother’s Day, the first post the kid’s write on their blog will be dedicated to their moms or significant others. We can’t think of a better geeky way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

How To Signup:

We have a limited number of spots for the Kids Workshop (we are planning for a small class of 10-20 students), so please email so we can get you a ticket. Again, the ticket for the student is free.


Time is Running Out! Last Few Tickets For Beginner’s Workshop

Response to our beginner’s workshops has been the usual – fantastic! In fact, our beginner’s workshops are just about to sell out. So if you or someone you know wanted to be a part of the full-day class focused on those learning WordPress for the first time, then you would need to act now. :)

Our beginner’s workshops are sponsored this year by SiteGround. Please click here to read about our workshops in general, and you can click here to read about our May 9th speaker lineup.

If you aren’t attending the beginner’s workshop but still thinking about grabbing a ticket, our general weekend ticket is also close to selling out. Don’t be left out!

Click here to buy your ticket.

Official Schedule Posted

We have made public our current schedule for May 9th, 10th, and 11th. Please check out the awesome sessions and panels, along with the speakers that will be presenting them. Some session descriptions are being updated (and we are adding BuddyCamp Miami’s schedule next week). Please remember to check this schedule the closer we get to May, since there might be some tweaks and additions.

Click here to see the schedule.

Beginner’s Workshop (May 9th) Speakers Announced

WordCamp Miami will have two beginner’s workshops this year. One workshop will be happening on April 19th at Nova Southeastern University, and the other will be happening on Friday, May 9th at the University of Miami. Both workshops will be covering the same information. Here’s more information about the workshops.

We are proud to have Syed Balkhi back to host the workshop this year. We also proud to have SiteGround sponsoring the workshops this year. Here’s the lineup of planned speakers for the May 9th workshop:

Syed Balkhi

He is the founder of WPBeginner (the largest free WordPress resource site) and List25 an extremely popular entertainment site with over 725,000 subscribers and 90 Million video views. Syed’s work has been featured in NYTimes, HuffingtonPost, Yahoo Small Business, Wired, Mashable, and countless other well-reputed online magazines. Syed has worked with some of the largest brands in the industry including but not limited to WarnerBros, Webs, Mercer, and more.

Steven Alig

Steven Alig is the President and Founder of South Florida Web Studio. He has been professionally involved in the internet industry since 1997. Working directly with both large national corporate accounts and small local business, Steven understands the diverse set of requirements that different businesses have. Working with many different technologies throughout his career, Steven committed exclusively to WordPress in 2010 and has not looked back since. Over the years Steven has provided online marketing, web development and consultation services for clients such as The Miami Dolphins, Walmart, Arvida Homes, The St. Joe Company, Motorola, The Hollywood Florida Office of Tourism and more. Today, every project completed by South Florida Web Studio is built on WordPress.

David Laietta

David Laietta is a WordPress theme and plugin developer, as well as community organizer. He leads the WordPress Orlando Meetup, as well as WordCamp Orlando. David is also a long-time supporter of WordCamp Miami.


Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon teaches WordPress for the amazing online education company, Treehouse. Before that he taught WordPress, web design and development at the high school and college level. In addition to teaching, Zac runs a web design company that builds $975 templated WordPress sites for small businesses.

Gabriela Levit

Gabriela Levit is a developer with over 15 years programming experience. She started Jacaranda Technologies six years ago, primarily creating web sites, custom WordPress themes, and now expanding into plugins. She was a recent 2014 WordCamp Phoenix presenter and upcoming speaker at the WordPress NYC Meetup. As well, past WordCamp New York volunteer and WordCamp Philly sponsor. When not programming, she can be found taking pictures, eating/cooking yummy food, and flying small planes.

Hristo Pandjarov

Hristo is a WordPress enthusiast who’s done it all: supported WordPress clients, built websites, designed WordPress themes, wrote tutorials, dug deeper into SEO and developed his own WordPress SEO plugin. He’s been fortunate to have his passion for all things WordPress and his job overlap at SiteGround, where he develops and implements various in-house performance boost solutions to help make WordPress websites faster and more secure.


Epic Panel: The Business of WordPress

The second year of our business track (being held on Sunday, May 11th) will be epic in many ways thanks to our new lineup of speakers and sessions. But what could be the highlight of the track is a special panel – “The Business of WordPress”.

There are all sorts of challenges to building a WordPress business. Come hear the “behind the scenes” stories and lessons learned as the brilliant entrepreneurs behind WPBeginner, Gravity Forms and iThemes answer questions in this business panel moderated by the famous Chris Lema.

We are proud to have these insightful speakers – all of which have created blogs and plugins that many thousands of WordPress users work with EVERY DAY – with us this year at WordCamp Miami.

Syed Balkhi

He is the founder of WPBeginner (the largest free WordPress resource site) and List25 an extremely popular entertainment site with over 725,000 subscribers and 90 Million video views. Syed’s work has been featured in NYTimes, HuffingtonPost, Yahoo Small Business, Wired, Mashable, and countless other well-reputed online magazines. Syed has worked with some of the largest brands in the industry including but not limited to WarnerBros, Webs, Mercer, and more.

Cory Miller

Cory is a former newspaper journalist turned full-time web entrepreneur. In January 2008, he founded iThemes in his home, fulfilling a lifelong dream of running his own company. Now iThemes has grown to over 20+ team members, hundreds of products and thousands of customers worldwide.

Carl Hancock

Carl Hancock is one of the co-founders of Rocketgenius, Inc. A premier provider of WordPress plugin solutions and the creators of one one of the most successful commercial WordPress plugins: Gravity Forms. He loves building innovative solutions for WordPress, and is a devoted father, loving husband, amateur photographer, startup founder and travel addict.


Historical Podcast Panel at WordCamp Miami 2014

This year we are proud to be hosting a unique and a WordCamp-first panel this year at WordCamp Miami on May 10th (Saturday). We will be hosting a “Podcasting And WordPress” panel, with some of the biggest and most popular WordPress podcasters all in one room. One *physical* room. They will be telling us how they do what they do, what mistakes they’ve learned, and how they run a successful podcast. Plus a special surprise which we won’t tell them about yet.

If you will be attending this panel, we suggest you check out and listen to these WordPress podcasts:

Here’s the dirt on the speakers on this panel, guaranteed to knock your socks off (so bring extra socks):

Dre Armeda

Dre is the Co-Founder of Sucuri Security. Dre is a Harley enthusiast, and a Chargers fan. he wears many hats, and love tacos. He is infatuated with WordPress, web design, and web security. Dre hopes to make the internet a safer place! Dre presents at various WordCamps and other events every year. Dre is a proud WordPress contributor and was the lead organizer that brought WordCamp to San Diego. Dre can also be found attending local WordPress meetups at the Inland Empire WordPress Meetup and the WordPress San Diego (North County) Meetup. Dre is the Co-Host of the DradCast on Wednesday nights. Pressing all the words!

Brad Williams

Brad is the co-founder of, a co-host on the DradCast podcast, and the co-author of Professional WordPress (1E & 2E) and Professional WordPress Plugin Development. Brad is also one of the organizers of the Philadelphia WordPress Meetup Group and WordCamp Philly. Brad blogs at and tweets at @williamsba.

Suzette Franck

Suzette Franck is the WordPress Evangelist Lead for Media Temple, a web hosting company located in Culver City, California. She has been doing web development for 17+ years, but discovered WordPress four years ago and has used it to create over 200 WordPress sites, ranging from BuddyPress, multisite, membership to portfolio sites, with a variety of different designs and requirements. Suzette is passionate about open source software, loves to blog and teach others on the wonders of WordPress.

Jeff Chandler

Jeff is the man behind On WPTavern, you’ll find reviews, news, screencasts, guest blog posts from some great WordPress community members and much more.

Matt Medeiros

Matt Medeiros is co-founder of Slocum Studio a custom development and theme shop. He is the founder of a website dedicated to helping WordPress people find mentorships. Matt hosts the popular podcast Matt Report which aims to help new WordPress freelancers and agencies grow their business.

Pippin Williamson

If you are a WordPress plugin developer, you probably have used or seen one of Pippin’s plugins. He’s written more than 100 plugins (we are looking to see if he has a social life) He has spent a long time working on improving community involvement on projects by developers / designers. Not to mention contributing to the WordPress core and WordPress Codex.

Fifth Round of Speakers

This is our last big round of speaker announcements. However, we do have announcements for BuddyCamp Miami, our beginner’s workshop, and have a few remaining speakers to announce once confirmed.

Rebekah Monson

Rebekah Monson is a journalist, designer and dork. She’s the communications manager at the University of Miami School of Communication and cofounder of, a creative organization that helps curious locals explore, celebrate and improve Miami through events, journalism and community protoyping. She cofounded Hacks/Hackers Miami, a group that brings together journalists and technologists, and Code for Miami, Florida’s first Code for America civic hacking brigade. She loves people, dogs, coffee, Miami, stories and technology — so long as servers are up, traffic is decent and no one pees on the rug.

Brad Touesnard

Developer, host of the Apply Filters podcast, and founder of Delicious Brains Inc., the company behind WP Migrate DB Pro.


Sze Liu

Sze Liu is the CEO and Founder of 852 Creative Marketing & Design. Originally from Hong Kong, Sze has always loved branding, marketing and technology and has been involved in the field throughout her career. She has managed online and offline marketing for start-ups and major corporations (Manpower, Inc. and Ryder System, Inc.). She also has experience in global business development, including projects based in China.

Sze has lived in South Florida for more than 20 years and holds a B.S. in marketing and international business from Florida Atlantic University, as well as an MBA from University of Miami. As co-founder of Wiredin Women, she also helps support a community of women who wish to learn, share ideas and become successful in online business.

Adrian Cardenas

Cuban born Adrian Cardenas spent 8 months in a refugee camp prior to arriving in the U.S. as a child. Though self-taught, he has partially earned his degree in Computer Science and Computational Math, which he strives to finish one day. He has been a PHP developer for 4 years and a Systems Administrator for several before that. He is currently making awesome things in both front & back end at ServerGrove, a local hosting company. Over the years, Adrian has developed several WordPress sites, both single and multi, many of them interfacing with other systems such as MediaWiki & custom solutions. At ServerGrove he has also been witness several hundred WordPress installations and some of the “gotchas” that developers can face.

Chris Wiegman

Chris is the developer of iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) and has been working on WordPress security for over 5 years. Previously a captain for a small airline, Chris’ interest in security began on his first day as an employed pilot, 9/11 and gradually evolved over the years to helping individuals and smaller organizations protect their websites from many of the common methods attackers use to compromise their victims. When not coding Chris loves to teach and has taught computer security for St. Edward’s University as well as other courses ranging from computers to aviation.”

David Laietta

David is a WordPress theme and plugin developer, as well as community organizer. He leads the WordPress Orlando Meetup, as well as WordCamp Orlando.

David is also a long-time supporter of WordCamp Miami, and among other areas, will be speaking at the WordCamp Miami beginner’s workshop on May 9th.

Brian Messenlehner

Brian is the co-founder of, a web development company that specializes in building all things WordPress. He is also the co-founder of, a WordPress based framework for building iOS and Android Apps.

Brian started his career as a software developer for the U.S. Marines with a focus on building web applications and relational databases for the Marine Corps Logistics Command. After the Marines, and prior to WebDevStudios he worked at a law firm in New Jersey building custom web applications to identify and track insurance and healthcare fraud for clients such as Allstate and Encompass.

Brian loves WordPress in his spare time! He is the co-author of the book ”Building Web Apps with WordPress” by O’Reilly Media, which is about leveraging WordPress as an Application Framework and he is the organizer of the New Jersey WordPress Meetup Group.

Brian enjoys learning about new technology and believes open source software like WordPress is the key to successful cost effective web solutions in any situation.

Follow Brian on Twitter at: @bmess, @webdevstudios, @apppresser, and @bwawwp

Nathan Hangen

Nathan is a co-founder of Virtuous Giant, where he serves as the business and development lead for IgnitionDeck, an eCommerce suite for WordPress. When he’s not shipping product, Nathan enjoys competing in triathlons, playing soccer, and coaching youth sports. In a past life, he served as a Psychological Operations Sergeant in the US Army, where he deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Jackie Jimenez

Jackie Jimenez is an ambitious and Innovative Marketing Consultant, focusing on the big picture with integrated marketing communications. She co-organizes the WordPress South Florida group and WordCamp Miami 2013, staying in-the-know and ahead of the game. Some clients that she’s worked with are University of Central Florida, Marriott Vacation Club, and world-renowned hairstylist Peter Coppola. She often speaks about Social Media and Internet Marketing at conferences.

Fourth Round Of Speakers

We are closing in on announcing the remaining speakers, but we wanted to get the word out today on these three excellent and intelligent speakers. Truly honored to have these present at WordCamp Miami this year.

Diane Kinney

Diane Kinney is the Creative Director and co-founder of The Versatility Group, a full service firm providing websites and other online solutions for 15 years. She is an award winning designer focused on WordPress design and development, graphic design, and marketing services. In her previous corporate life, she led large scale application development projects, managed multi-disciplinary teams, and oversaw Operations including marketing, customer service, and business development. She gets excited about applying the lessons from her diverse background to web and marketing projects.

Alison Foxall

Alison Foxall is a founding partner and lead designer of Gobble Logic; a web design, development, and marketing firm located in Tampa, FL. She has a traditional background in design, but has been a front-end web developer since the early 2000’s. Alison has been using WordPress since 2004, and developing for it since 2006. With her leadership, her team has created custom plugins, themes, and application platforms all with WordPress. When she isn’t running the business, Alison is learning Japanese, reading books or periodicals, and being active in political groups and discussions.

Tammie Lister

Tammie Lister is a theme wrangler with Automattic. Before moving there focus on themes, she was focused on creating sites with BuddyPress. She’s a contributor to the BuddyPress project having worked on the UI refresh and most recently the template pack. Tammie has also written a book on BuddyPress theme development. Themes are her world and she is passionate about raising the standard of BuddyPress themes.

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary (May 9-11, 2014)