WordCamp Miami: The Networking Party (May 10th)

So our networking party of choice this year is Finnegan’s River. We had our after party here last year, and got great feedback. Here’s what’s going to be awesome about it:

1. Location. Location. Location. People coming to Miami want to see water and nightlife. This venue is right by the water – you couldn’t ask for better surroundings.
2. Dinner is served. Many want to grab a bite to eat after WordCamp, and rightly so. We will have MORE food available this year so you can grab something to eat at our after party location, and then grab a drink later into the night.
3. Networking. It’s hard to meet new folks over loud music, so our networking party location provides an environment where you can talk to someone without blowing out your voicebox.
4. Drinks. This is Miami, so of course drinks are there as well. We are working on drink specials, but we got water and soda too.
5. Music, Games, and Prizes Last year we had a dance off for the ultimate prize of an iPad Mini. What will we do this year?

We are also working on a plan to provide special transportation (hey, I didn’t say party bus – where did you get that idea?) to take those without transportation from WordCamp to the venue. More information on this when you arrive at WordCamp.

mt_2 Finally, this networking Party is sponsored by MediaTemple who have been AWESOME in making sure we have everything we need for a good time. Please make sure to thank them at WordCamp Miami.

We certainly hope you enjoy yourselves at WordCamp miami this year: make new connections while surrounded by great food and festive environment.

Celebrating Our 5th Anniversary (May 9-11, 2014)