WordCamp Miami Date Change: May 9-11, 2014

The dates for WordCamp Miami have changed. The new dates are May 9th, 10th, and 11th 2014.

We will be sending these dates to applied volunteers, speakers, and to our mailing lists.

Why the change?

Several reasons. Our old dates were on a holiday weekend in the US, which presented some concerned regarding travel, traffic, and hotel availability. Also we are preparing several SPECIAL and SECRET events and activities that required some resources and the May 9-11, 2014 dates. If you know about WordCamp Miami (and the people that help organize it) or know how much planning it takes to put one together, you know that we wouldn’t make this change unless it’s a change that benefit everyone as a whole. We greatly appreciate your patience.

What else has changed?

Nothing, just the dates. Even the venue is the same.

Mother’s Day Is May 11th

Yes it is. Therefore we are planning on calling WordCamp Miami Sunday “WORD TO YOUR MOTHER” day.

What are you planning for WordCamp?

Here’s a few tidbits:

– BuddyCamp/bbPress Miami 2014 is being highly considered. It would be the second BuddyCamp for Miami.
– Multiple beginner’s workshops.
– Doubling the size and scope of the after party.
– Contributor Day (actually contribute to WordPress, whether you are a developer or not).
– Special sponsored events.
– If you’ve been to all past WordCamp Miami events, we’ll have something special for you.
– In honor of our 5th anniversary, there will be some unique surprises for everyone.

Like every year, we plan on having multiple sessions devoted to design, front-end development, business, and advanced developer tracks.

If you have a suggestion – something you want to see at WordCamp Miami – feel free to drop us a comment.