WPSessions.com provides expert-level training for WordPress developers.Every month, WPSessions.com brings together 3 different experts to discuss and demonstrate the many facets of specific WordPress-related topics. Every presentation is broadcast live to viewers around the web and recorded for indefinite long-term viewing. The ticket sales from each event directly benefit each expert presenter, who is paid for taking time out of their busy schedule for our benefit and profit.

WPSessions is a perfect complement to in-person events like WordCamp Miami and other great digital events like WordSesh. With WPSessions you can learn from each of the many WordPress experts located around the globe, while remaining in the comfort of your very own home (and without the high cost of traveling to that expert). You can ask these experts for answers to your specific WordPress questions, and you can go back and re-watch the parts of presentation that stuck out to you – immediately after the live event has concluded.

Instead of waiting another year for your next WordCamp experience, sign up for a WPSessions.com event today! Follow us on Twitter for the latest.