First There Was The Command Line

What This Session Is About:

cPanel & are OK for most things, but the command line is better! We will cover a few commands that will help you quickly diagnose errors and triage your site after a hack. This talk is for any developer responsible for deploying and maintaining WordPress sites on Unix & Linux based webhosts.

Adrian Cardenas

Cuban born Adrian Cardenas spent 8 months in a refugee camp prior to arriving in the U.S. as a child. Though self-taught, he has partially earned his degree in Computer Science and Computational Math, which he strives to finish one day. He has been a PHP developer for 4 years and a Systems Administrator for several before that. He is currently making awesome things in both front & back end at ServerGrove, a local hosting company. Over the years, Adrian has developed several WordPress sites, both single and multi, many of them interfacing with other systems such as MediaWiki & custom solutions. At ServerGrove he has also been witness several hundred WordPress installations and some of the “gotchas” that developers can face.